Materials Selection

Material selection is a fundamental part of material science. From the point of view of poly design, the aim is to find the most suitable material based on variety of factors such as cause, performance, lifespan, corrosion and wear resistance.

Let us use car for example.

Windshield this is composed of 2 cascaded polymers to protect any potential crash from any object on a given distance. Next, for tires they are made from rubber for they are the one’s having good grip on the road and also absorbs shock for this reason rubber was chosen as very cheap and flexible for this purpose. A tire is not just rubber; fact it is made up of many materials working for only one purpose as an example underneath the rubber there is the steel belt as they are used as reinforcement part of resistance performance. In the same way not only tire the car’s body is made up of many materials as well. the interior selection plays an importance to the type of car use and material selection is the thing that makes things possible. For an instance luxury cars and ordinary car, the interior design contrast as the cost doesn’t matter for the luxury car so carbon fibers can be used while for the ordinary cars aluminum and steel can be chosen.

We also have to take note that variety of kinds of these materials can be flexible. Example rubbers can be easily deformed thus easily designed but for a metal that is hard to even bend.

Materials science faces a lot of challenge in producing high and good performing materials  to have a faster, better and higher performance economical cars. To meet this demands many new materials are being studied nowadays there is new titanium springs are beind studied to produce a strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant and have a high performance material .

Material selection basically choosing the right material for the Job. The constraints of the different application will require different combination of properties but ultimately some properties are more important than others.