Are you interested in a career in material science? Material Science offers thousands of opportunities from industry to research (not convinced) thought of working in Euro space and NASA where both conducted study science in space to learn more materials and take it back on earth. How about saving the environment? A professor in Pennsylvania university made a super absorber polymer designed to suck oils caused during oil spill which can dramatically reduce the effect of oil spills
How about wanting to help the people ? When an athlete breaks his feet for an instance Paul George who suffered a gruesome leg injury has been miraculously repaired with titanium implants.

How about developing the next generation technology? Material science touches all aspects on one life. The forefront of many developing and exciting research sustainable energy, biomedical application aerospace or automotive and polymers .
Then where do you start, there are many roots of materials engineering. One way is through university as many schools offer variety of material science. (Comply requirements for each university you can visit UCAS for that matter) Secondly, if studying is not your thing how about applying in  companies that accepts modern apprenticeship as a means as entering its materials good thing about this is you earn while learning  and working. (check for available work)